• Expandable vertebral body replacement implant system with attached fixation plates for added stability for the surgical reconstruction of the thoracic and lumbar spine after vertebrectomy (T1-L5)
  • Continuously expandable in situ
  • 2 screw diameters available: 4.0mm & 5.0mm with 14mm, 16mm and 18mm length options
  • Unique osmium™ screw tips expand .7mm diameters for added pullout strength
  • Titanium

ADDplus implants are available in one diameter (12mm) with four expansion ranges and four angulations:

Expansion Heights              Lordotic Angles

13mm - 18mm                              0°

17mm - 26mm                              6°

25mm - 41mm                              12°

40mm - 65mm                              18°

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