Company Milestones


The company was founded in Ulm, Germany in 1912 by Heinrich C. Ulrich. From the start, the company was focused on the development, manufacturing and sales of surgical instruments. In 1914, the first ulrich surgical instrument was introduced to the hospital market.


The founder's son, Max Ulrich joined the company and as his father's successor, he greatly expanded the reach of the company by achieving worldwide sales.


The grandson of the founder, Heinrich Ulrich joined the company.


A large and modern manufacturing and production plant was opened in Ulm, Germany.


The company entered the Spinal Implant market sector and began development of numerous spinal implant systems and instrumentation.


The Universal Spinal Instrumentation System (“Zielke”) was successfully introduced to the worldwide spine market.


The company entered the Imaging Diagnostics market sector with the release of a contrast agent injector for use with computer tomography imaging.


The company changed its legal name to ulrich GmbH & Co. KG and created four business groups: Medical Technology, Medical and Healthcare Supplies, Rehabilitation Technology and Physicians and Physician Assistants' Supplies.


The company restructured and returned to its core Medical Technology business and the remaining 3 ulrich business units were sold: Medical and Healthcare Supplies, Rehabilitation Technology and Physician and Physician Assistants' Supplies.


The company changed its commercial trademark name to ulrich medical® Inc. in order to better address the international orientation of its growing customer base.


ulrich medical USA® is established as a subsidiary of ulrich medical® and U.S. business operations are set-up in Chesterfield, Missouri.


After more than 42 years, Heinrich Ulrich retires and passes company responsibilities to his son. With the 4th generation of the Ulrich family now in executive management, Christoph Ulrich (Managing Partner and Shareholder) shares the corporate management responsibilities of the company with Chief Executive Officer, Klaus Kiesel based in Ulm, Germany.


Hans Stover is hired as the Chief Executive Officer of ulrich medical USA®, based in Chesterfield, MO. 

  • ulrich medical® Inc. celebrates its 100th anniversary as a family-owned, private company.  
  • ulrich medical USA® releases four new spinal implant systems in the United States spine market: (1) Omni VBR® (2) golden gate® (3) pezo® and (4) neon Implant Systems.
  • ulrich medical USA® reports consecutive record results for the combined periods of 2011 and 2012 with a 34 percent growth rate and a record 58 percent growth in US case volumes for the same period.
  • ulrich medical USA® releases three new spinal implant systems in the United States spine market: (1) flamenco® (2) obelisc® Lateral Endplates and (3) uCervImplant Systems.
  • ulrich medical USA® expands U.S. corporate headquarters to meet the demands of its rapid growth, with a facility over three times larger than its former location.
  • ulrich medical USA® reports consecutive record results with a 22 percent growth rate in 2013.
  • ulrich medical USA® reports five consecutive years of profitable, double-digit growth for the U.S. spine business with a 5-year revenue CAGR of 18% and a 27% EBITDA CAGR over the same period. 
  • ulrich medical USA® releases three new spinal implant systems in the United States spine market: (1) uNion® Cervical Plate System (2) neon3® Posterior Cervical System and (3) uCerv® Titanium Cervical Interbody System.
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